Here at Ultra-Flex we get asked hundreds of questions regarding the product and its application. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers:

Can Ultra-Flex go over old felt and if so, does it take more liquid?

Ultra-Flex can be applied to watertight felt as long as the felt is fully reinforced with Ultra-Flex matting. However, different surfaces may affect the coverage rates, smoother surfaces usually get better coverage rates.

How much is your product?

You can obtain a quote for your project by downloading the Ultra-Flex App from your mobile or by contacting one of our suppliers for a price list.

Where can I buy Ultra-Flex?

You can purchase Ultra-Flex from one of our supplier branches, we can inform you of your nearest supplier address.

What is the shelf life of the product?

12 Months from the manufacture date.

How do you know if a roller is solvent resistant?

Our suppliers will supply solvent resistant rollers, normal rollers will just disintegrate after a period of use.

Do you have a list or information sheet regarding edge trims?

Yes we can provide information and brochures on Ultra-Flex and trims.

Do you provide training for Ultra-Flex?

We offer demonstration mornings to our suppliers, but we do not provide training for customers. You can follow instruction from both our literature sources and online application videos.

What is your BBA Certification Number?

17/5420. The full BBA certificate is available by downloading the Ultra-Flex App.

Could you advise me what trims to get?

The trims are 2.5mtr long both drip and non drip, we also have preformed corners. All of these items are stocked at our supplier depots.

What other items do you provide alongside Ultra-Flex 15kg?

Our other items include matting, trims, sleeves and rollers should you need them.

How long can Ultra-Flex be applied before it rains?

Ultra-Flex is instantly rain resistant after application once the matting is fully encapsulated.

If you have any other questions regarding Ultra-Flex, we are happy to help, just use our contact page to get in touch. This page will be updated.