The Ultra-Flex App!

On the 26th October 2017 we launched the one and only Ultra-Flex app.

This new app can be downloaded from your choice of app store with availability on iTunes and Google Play. All you need to do is search your app store for Ultra-Flex to download.

The Ultra-Flex app was originally designed to make registered roofing contractors lives easier, and feedback is telling us it is doing just that. The app allows you to confirm material costs, produce and send quotes from site, keep updated with the latest product news, quote customers speedily and more easily, monitor and follow up quoted jobs, access all product information and videos and apply and issue guarantees without fuss.

The official Ultra-Flex app has everything you need to validate costs, produce quotes, track jobs and issue guarantees in no time at all. It saves you time and money by saving you the endless phone calls, emails and waiting times expected with the industry. Just as the product eliminates job hassle, the app was created to eliminate any other hassle that might crop up.

The Ultra-Flex app is another way of showing how advanced Ultra-Flex is as a product and brand. We will keep doing whatever it is that we can do to make our customers lives that bit easier.

What are you waiting for? Download the Ultra-Flex app today.