What You Need To Know About Ultra-Top

Introducing Ultra-Flex’s No.1 buddy… Ultra-Top:

Ultra-Top is a single component aliphatic polyurethane resin to be used as topcoat for Ultra-Flex liquid membrane.

Ultra-Top has a glossy finish and forms a flexible, continuous film, with excellent adhesion and mechanical properties.

It is its excellent resistance to abrasion and stress that make it resistant to weathering, extreme temperatures and UV radiation.

Ultra-Top is an ideal finish coat for balconies, walkways and other applications in flat roofing.

Ultra-Top Uses:

Ultra-Top is used as a topcoat to provide further protection on applied Ultra-Flex for flat roofs, private car parks, balconies, walkways and maintenance strips.

Ultra-Top Features:

Ultra-Top is a glossy, aliphatic, single component, pigmented, polyurethane resin.

Tack free time: 25 minutes

Pot life: 3 hours

Ultra-Top forms a protection coating, is easy to clean and maintain and is resistant to algae and mold growth.

Ultra-Top should be applied in dry conditions avoiding the presence of humidity or water coming from the surface to be coated or the substrate, whether at the time of application or subsequently.

Apply on dry, firm substrates, with a surface temperature of between 3 ºC above dew point, and an ambient temperature of at least 10 ºC.

Ultra-Top must be applied in thin layers, with a roller, brush or airless spray equipment (nozzle: 0.007” to 0.011”; nozzle tip pressure, 180 to 200 kg/m²). It can be thinned using pure xylene, up to 5% for applications with airless spray equipment. Do not apply on swimming pools or, in general, on surfaces that are subject to total immersion.

Ultra-Top can be applied as a non-slip finish as follows: Apply a thin layer of Ultra-Top and broadcast silica sand or aggregate. If required an additional layer of Ultra-Top can be applied on the aggregate to encapsulate the antislip system.


The yield of Ultra-Top varies depending on the layers applied, the type of substrate or the final use. If applied in thin layers, consumption is approximately 150~175 g/m²/layer.


5kg tins – coverage 30 sqm approx.

Shelf Life

Expires after 12 months, provided it is stored in a dry place. Ultra-Top should be stored at temperatures between 5° C and 35°.

Handling & Transport

These safety recommendations for handling, are necessary for the implementation process as well as in the pre and post, on exposure to the loading machinery.

Respiratory Protection: When handling or spraying use an air-purifying respirator.

Skin protection: Use rubber gloves, remove immediately after contamination. Wear clean body-covering. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after work and before eating, drinking or smoking.

Eye / Face: Wear safety goggles to prevent splashing and exposure to particles in air.

Waste: Waste generation should be avoided or minimized. Incinerate under controlled conditions in accordance with local laws and national regulations.

Guarantee Extension

Ultra-Flex is guaranteed for 15 years. If Ultra-Top is applied in conjunction with Ultra-Flex, it will extend the guarantee for an additional 5 years making the total guarantee 20 years – what a great buddy to have.