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Wide range of applications

Ultraflex can be used on new or existing roofs, walkways, balconies, gutters etc.

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BBA certified

Ultraflex is BBA certified for life in excess of 25 years. [Download Certification]

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NHBC approval

Ultraflex is NHBC and Green Roof approved.


  • Ready to use straight out of the tin, application with solvent resistant roller.
  • Use fully reinforced with Ultraflex matting ensures easy "wet on wet" application.
  • Can be used all year round - moisture curing.
  • Fully trafficable when cured.
  • Instantly rain resistant after application.
  • Once installed, forms a seamless membrane.
  • Fresh concrete must be cured for 28 days.
  • Excellent adhesion to different substrates: plywood, bitumen membranes, asphalt, metals, brick, concrete, wood etc.
  • On EPDM and TPO it is recommended to install patch test to check compatibility.
  • Do not use silicone sealants. Always use PU based mastics.
Examples of Ultraflex roofing applications




  • Apply when ambient temperature is minimum of 2 degrees and rising and not exceeding 30ºC.
  • Ensure substrate is in good condition, dry, clean and free from dust, moss or lichen.
  • All Edge trims to be fixed to substrate prior to application of Ultraflex.
  • Ultraflex is self-terminating, if brickwork is in good condition, strike a line using tape on the brickwork to coat up to (important: when Ultraflex has been installed ensure the tape is pulled before the Ultraflex is dry). If the brickwork in poor condition a termination bar or flashing is required.


  • Open tin and mix thoroughly before using.
  • Apply Ultraflex straight out of the can onto the substrate using a solvent resistant roller. Dry roll Ultraflex matting into the product until the Ultraflex is drawn through, then immediately apply another coat of Ultraflex ensuring the matting is fully embedded avoiding any pinholes.
  • It is advised to start at the perimeter of the area including upstands to a minimum of 150mm (if possible), ensuring the matting overlaps any trims (including fixings) / joints / change of material by 50mm.
  • Infill the remaining field area using the same method as above using Ultraflex matting, at a minimum coverage rate of 1.5kg per m². The whole area including Trims must be coated to form a continuous seamless membrane. Please take time to make sure no pin holes exist.


  • Drying time will be approx. 2-8 hours depending on weather, fully cured in 24 hours.

video of a man applying UltraflexULTRA-FLEX APPLICATION VIDEO



Specific gravity (kg/m³) 1.320 ~ 1.420 DIN 53 217
Viscosity at 23ºC 2.650 cps ASTM D2196-86
Dry extract >90 EN 1768
Flash Point (ºC) 42ºC ASTM D93
Ashes at 450ºC % weight 42 ~ 47% EN 1879
Temperature 2ºC and rising and not exceeding 30ºC
Hardness Shore A at 23º C > 75
Tensile strength Reinforced with Ultraflex matting >10MPa
Dry time 2-8 hours. Fully cured 24 hours
Overcoat time ±5 ~ ±48 hours
Elongation >400%
Water vapour resistance µ=2.500
Concrete adherence >2 MPa


  • Store unopened in original container in a cool dry place within 5ºc-25ºc, out of direct sunlight.
  • Protect from frost. Keep away from sources of ignition.
  • For transportation purposes ensure that the product is upright and the lid fully closed.
  • Shelf life: Expires after 12 months, at temperatures between 5ºc and 25ºc.



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UltraTop technical data sheet

UltraFlex Sealant

UltraFlex Sealant technical data sheet

UltraFlex Roofing Trims
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